Untitled-6My name is Colleen Happenny and I am the president and founder of CareAmerica.Org Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the elderly, the disabled and veterans.                                                                

In 2013 I began searching for purpose in my life. While speaking to a friend she suggested I might like to take care of an elderly person in her home. This was something that I have never done before yet I knew that serving others was going to be my direction, I just wasn’t sure how it was going to occur. I was interviewed by the family and two days later began my training. I knew from that first day that this was what I wanted to be doing and was meant to be doing.                                                               

A few months later this family referred me to another person in need of in-home care and  services. I have been blessed far beyond anything imaginable and because I realized how much passion I had for taking care of others I decided it was imperative to help as many people as possible, particularly the elderly, the disabled, and the veterans. Through research and connecting with the community I discovered there was a need far greater than what I could provide on my own. Thus began the creation of CareAmerica.Org Inc.

The mission of Care America is  to provide non-medical companionship and in-home services to seniors and disabled veterans regardless of budget, enabling them to remain living at home in a familiar and comforting environment while protecting their dignity. We do this through fundraisers, donations of all types, volunteers and through paid client services.

It is my deepest desire that this mission will continue on for many decades and someday provide a place where the     elderly can go for care without financial obligation. I’m deeply humbled and honored to have discovered this calling in my life and I encourage and welcome anyone who wishes to join our cause.

CareAmerica, where the CARE always comes first.